Do you want to...

  • Kick start your health and well- being journey?

  • Be  fitter

  • Feel healthier

  • Reduce the risk of; premature death,  heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, colon cancer and breast cancer and type 2 diabetes

  • No longer rely on quick fix solutions that make you feel worse?

  • Increase your activity and get fitter and healthier

  • Reduce or maintain body weight or body fat

  • Reduce depression and anxiety  and improve psychological well-being

  • Breakthrough barriers that are currently stopping you from moving to be the healthier person you want to be?

  • Explore and set your personal health goals and create an action plan that is tailored for you, your needs, wants and like?

  • Explore your health and well being beliefs, create new beliefs and create a vision of the new you!

  • Learn the easy way to find an exercise activity designed just for you using my  GET Fit Model for exercise perfection

  • Achieve those long lasting results so desire so much?

  • Work  121 with a personal trainer and performance coach who will share their secrets of health and well being and weight loss success

My Story

Hi I'm Zahra Shah and in 2008 I changed my  life, shed eight stone and started living my dreams. 

I was 32 years old, morbidly obese, weighed 18 and half stone and had a BMI of 49.  I only stand tall at 5ft so I was as wide I was tall


I decided something had to be done with my  life so I started a journey that changed my life forever.


As a result of my successful weight loss journey, training as a personal trainer and performance coach, I founded, 'Get Fit With Zahra' in order to deliver personal training, coaching and mentoring programmes for weight loss, health and well being.

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