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Just had a baby?

If you are a new mummy I want you to read this post!

I love each and every one of you for bringing a life into this world. This is so incredible.

And I know right now everything revolves around the baby.

But I want to help you to release you are as important too 😍

I know the pressure that 95% of you feel to return to pre pregnancy shape is REAL

How can you not feel it, when it’s all around us in the media . This bullshit is dangerous to new mums.

And I am here to tell you that what these celebrity mums are doing to themselves is damaging the inside of their body.

Yes, they might have chefs and personal trainers and tummy tucks . But the truth is, none of them have allowed their insides to heal 🤷🏻‍♀️

Why is healing so important?

If you have been through a natural or c section birth you have experienced immense trauma to your core.

You have firstly stretched your abdominal area, which needs to heal, you have had major pressure on your pelvis and pelvic floor .

You may even have had a tear or cut to pelvic floor muscle.

If you have had a c section you have then had major surgery, major surgery ! I repeat major surgery. Surgery that has cut through layers of already damaged skin.

Whilst you might feel ok on the outside , your energy levels might feel ready to move, the truth is inside of you is far from readying

Returning to exercise too soon has serious long term Implications to your hips, your core and pelvic floor and can cause long term problems such as leaking fluids later in life .

The important thing to do is not to exercise straight after having baby , it’s to heal. And get that body ready on the inside first, before we commence on the outside.

In those first few weeks You can do this by making sure you are eating a range of collagen boosting foods and drinking plenty of water. Collagen helps the skin to recover and rebuilt! I am a massive fan of collagen.

I also realise that those checks you have , at 6 weeks or 12 weeks don’t really check anything relating to your core or how use can effectively and functionally use kegels or if your healed fully.

My brand new pelvic floor and core workshops will allow you to have have space to explore the healing process, meet other mums and take away skills to help you heal.

Any new mum coming to Ealing Fit Club will now go through a screening process that will either point them towards a workshop in the first instance or into an appropriate mama fit class .

We are here to help you heal first then get fit

Thank you for reading

*workshop spaces and be brought at 👇🏻

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