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Pregnant and exercising

Pregnancy doesn't mean you stop exercising!

If you are exercising and find you a pregnant. I would advise you to contact me first. So we can discuss options.

However, Here is some key information for you to know!

0-3 months pregnant?

The majority of women do not need to change their current exercise activity in the first 3 months of being pregnant. If you are already exercising you are advised to keep exercising. Continuing exercise is going to benefit you and baby!

Things you should avoid are include anything where you might fall or over heat.


Road cycling

Scuba diving

Hot yoga


Contact sport, boxing, football etc

Hot yoga or hot Pilates

If you are attending my boxing class you need to advise me as soon as possible so you can be moved to another class

All other classes are fine for you to attend in the first three months.

3-6 months Pregnant?

This stage of pregnancy you won't be permitted to do any form of exercise that requires you lay on your back or tummy. However, you'll be perfectly safe on your side!

We encourage weight training which is fine and resistance bands are amazing. Guidelines please note that active pregnant women and their baby can easily tolerate strenuous activity!

At this stage the ideal class for you would be groups based personal training or lower impact/modified fat burn class .

6-9 months pregnant ?

This is the modification period where we have adjust exercises to accommodate the growing baby and your tummy.

Instead of jogging on the spot you might March. You might do press up against the wall instead in the floor and you definitely move your legs for a wider squat. At this stage we might move you to lower weights or onto resistance bands.

Basically no difference in what you doing at the start to what you might do at the end.

In the last trimester I would absolutely require you to move to the group personal training programme.

I would also be looking to help you work on including your pelvic floor exercises into these functional work outs

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