Spend less time judging

I look, normal.  Whatever normal is.  However,  I certainly do not have the physique of a female body builder I don't flounce around in crop tops pouting , it's far to cold for crop tops In the uk anyway! In fact,  I have love handles, I'm a u.k size 12/14 . I'm just the an average looking girl who just happens to be a Personal Trainer. Sometimes, when people find out what I do, the words whisper out of their souls ....You don't look like a personal trainer, you are still a bit fat'LOL #ispeakthetruth It's  written all over their faces. They cant help it! I bet, there is probably someone out there doing that, right this minute! Or cringing because they did judge me like that. And that's OK , really it is! The truth is everyone is entitled to their own perception of what they think a personal trainer should look like. But , remember , I don't turn clients down for being fit or looking thin. ... this means nothing , it's all relative ! My role is to work with everyone and to give everyone a chance to get to their own fitness or weight loss goals.  This is precisely what I love about delivering personal training and fitness classes my way. Every exercise, in doors or out door, that I teach, I have done and used myself, on me.  Those who work with me, will know this, because I demonstrate every exercise I teach! And my sessions are not easy! There was a dude on my personal trainer course who judged me and my fitness based on my body image.   He soon took it back when realized I could lift heavier weights than him and ran for long on the treadmill! But life isn't a game for me, its not a competition about bodies or a pissing contest on who is fitter. It's what you feel about your body that counts, not what any other bugger thinks. Judging people is bad for your soul and your mental wellness I don't care what you think I should look like, I only care about helping you get to your fitness goals! And if your not crawling out by the time I have finished with you, it means you don't give it 100% because I know I did ! [wpvideo 44e9XmyL ]

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