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Teach your kids now

I believe that bringing your baby or toddler to an exercise class is as beneficial to them as it is to you.

By not coming to class or leaving your child with a sitter because you are fearful of your baby or child's behaviour is doing yourself and your child a great injustice

I really think that bringing your little one with you, interacting with them and letting them see you working out is vital to their future outlook to the world of fitness.

For smaller babies or even toddlers they are laying on the mat staring up into your eyes as you hold the plank position, or you are kissing them as you do your press ups - means your child is absorbing the positive energy coming from you, doing something good for yourself.

Bring your 0-4 year old to class with you is effectively creating and forming healthy habits for your family. You are showing your children from an early age that exercise is fun and for everyone and something that we do daily to make us fitter and stronger.

For tiny babies attending my classes it is important that mums get baby out of the buggy and use that work out time to help baby develop muscular strength and motor skills. Giving baby tummy time on the mat under you or to the side of you is a big help for new babies to develop head and neck control.

What we find with toddlers who attend class with mum is they begin to copy what mum does and start to realise that this is mums time. It's about planting seeds in those young heads that exercise is fun and normal.

I feel strong we must teach our kids now and from a early age that exercise is a normal activity , by letting them be present at sessions is absolutely fundamental to that development and understanding.

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